For FM profession, the “People” aspect is defined as one of major elements which organizations should value, with regards to its integration with work process and physical assets to serve particular strategic objectives. As such, the “FM People Award” is introduced to recognize practitioners with commendable achievements and performance in FM service sectors.

For each nominated facility project, only ONE (1) Nominee should be proposed for each of the following Sub-categories:

  1. Managerial Grade
  2. Officer Grade
  3. Supervisory Grade
  4. Young Practitioner (aged 35 or below)

When Applicants / Nominees taking part in the “Excellence in Facility Management Award” under Categories 1A to 1L, they are welcome to recommend individual site staff to join the “FM People Award”. The result for this Award will not have any impact on the total score of both “Excellence in Facility Management Award” and “Theme Award”.