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The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management (HKIFM) is a non-profit making organisation incorporated in 1999. It was formed by a group of professional people who are actively involved in the field of facility management. The Institute is run by an elected Council that has a number of committees covering aspects on membership, education, corporate affairs, research and communications.

The main objective of the HKIFM is to promote facility management as one of the leading disciplines and professions in the management of built asset and facilities in Hong Kong. The HKIFM aims to provide the opportunity for practitioners from different professional background to acquire a recognised professional facility management qualification. The HKIFM will involve in the training of facility managers, maintenance of professional standard as well as being the focus of excellence in the development and promotion of facility management techniques and know-how in the region. The Institute is working to develop ties and mutual recognition with other facility management organisations world-wide and particularly those within China and the neighbouring region.

What is FM?

Facility Management is the process by which an organisation integrates its people, work process and physical assets to serve its strategic objectives. As a discipline, facility management is the science and art of managing this integrative process from operational to strategic levels for promoting the competitiveness of organizations.

The HKIFM hence recognises Facility Management as both a process and a discipline. It also affirms the integrative approach adopted in Facility Management world-wide and promotes the synergy of effective people and building/ asset management that can enhance a corporation’s competitiveness. In addition, HKIFM accords Facility Management to the highest professional level whereby facility managers are instrumental in the strategic decision making of an organisation.

HKIFM identifies the following 11 areas of Core Competency encompassing the spectrum of basic knowledge a Facility Manager should be equipped with in providing professional and customer-oriented facility management services.

HKIFM's Vision and Mission


"Enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of corporations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the neighbouring region through effective facility management of their built assets."

Guiding values:

The Institute

  • Embodies a concept of excellence combining professionalism and service to the community, environment and the region.
  • Affirms the importance of effective integration of users/ organisations' needs with the physical planning and maintenance of built-facilities and support services.
  • Develops a continuous professional development ethos and culture.
  • Upholds the highest professional standing and recognition of the Institute and its members.
  • Integrates the latest technological and managerial innovation into Facility Management practice where applicable.
  • Collaborates with the leading Facility Management organisations and learned institutes world-wide for continuous improvement of the discipline and the profession.
  • Is committed to Facility Management education, training, research and development.
  • Supports government and community initiatives in improving the effective management of built-facilities and support services for the economy.



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