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Anybody who satisfies the requirements of membership and work in the relevant field should join the Institute. The following groups who have the working experience in FM-related operations should consider joining the HKIFM:

  • engineers
  • building surveyors
  • technical managers
  • maintenance managers
  • real estate administrators
  • auditors
  • secretariats
  • software developers
  • medical service providers
  • hospital administrators
  • security managers
  • cleaning managers
  • safety officers
  • occupational and health inspectors
  • recreational managers
  • designers

One of the aims of the Institute is to foster link and promote the development of FM in the field. Through participation in regular meetings, seminars and various events organised by the Institute, communication between members and the industry will be closer and more efficient. With the network of membership, you do not have to attend a number of gatherings in order to meet potential clients and fellow colleagues.

Since the field of FM is extensive for sharing common themes within the science of management, workplace and built assets, the coverage will be ideal for the development of company-wide and personal connections. The membership status will also be a benchmark for fellow professionals and the general public in recognition of competence and contribution to the industry.

You may refer to the "Publication" section of this site and browse through the readings, references and activities contained there. If you have further queries, you are welcome to contact us at

At present, the Institute is actively assessing relevant courses to be included in the list of recognised courses and qualifications. The list will be updated from time to time. Any enquiries should be directed to

Should you opine that there is a complaint case on any one of our members, please file your complaint against the respective member by sending the completed form to our email account We will deal fairly with it in accordance with our established procedures. The "Complaint Procedures and Standard Proforma" can be downloaded here.