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“Enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of corporations in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the neighbouring region through effective facility management of their built assets.”

Guiding values:

The Institute

  • embodies a concept of excellence combining professionalism and service to the community, environment and the region.
  • affirms the importance of effective integration of users/ organisations' needs with the physical planning and maintenance of built-facilities and support services.
  • develops a continuous professional development ethos and culture.
  • upholds the highest professional standing and recognition of the Institute and its members.
  • integrates the latest technological and managerial innovation into Facility Management practice where applicable.
  • collaborates with the leading Facility Management organisations and learned institutes world-wide for continuous improvement of the discipline and the profession.
  • is committed to Facility Management education, training, research and development.
  • supports government and community initiatives in improving the effective management of built-facilities and support services for the economy.


To achieve its vision, the Institute will

  • promote and advance the knowledge, study and practice concerned with the management of the built facilities.
  • establish the Institute as the leading facility management institute in the region.
  • maintain the highest professional standard for the Institute and its members.
  • serve the public through provisions of advisory services on all matters related to facility management.
  • advise the Government on all matters related to the management of the built facilities.
  • collaborate with other agencies and bodies locally and overseas in the promotion and development of facility management.
  • foster the highest professional standard through membership control, education and supports for research and development.